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American Academy For Girls

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CONTACT US : (965) 2562-1090

Psychological- Social Emotional Well-being

Every Thursday we have planned some kind of fun activity for our students. Teachers talk to the students and ask how they are feeling and doing. These activities are a way in which we want to leave our students with a feeling of fun and enjoying themselves.

Some of the weekly activities include: Silly Sock Day, Silly Hat Day, Star Assembly Awards (done quarterly), Fancy Shades Day, Pajama Day, etc. just to name a few. Our students really enjoy showing their very creative socks, hats, etc. It is a joy to see them enjoying the class and being very expressive about how they created their items.

At the end of the class, we want the students to feel excited and take their minds off of not being at school and seeing their friends. Our goal is that these classes will bring some joy and peace to them.