To truly educate a child, there must be a holistic approach, so that academics – in connection with social and emotional development – are targeted. The ever-changing state of the world requires emotional and social skills, and coping mechanisms, to navigate in a healthy and optimal manner — throughout childhood into adulthood… Our “Social Interaction & Wellbeing Class” is designed to help our students develop those strategies and skills they need for their mental-emotional health and for their social interactions with each other virtually and in-person. Monthly/Bi-Monthly themes are set by the Principal and Guidance Counselor, as well as some key “talking points” and suggested activities that connect with the monthly topic, which are then passed along to all homeroom teachers. The Guidance Counselor will teach social interaction each month to discuss the theme/topic; the Homeroom Teachers will reinforce the theme/topic in class. In addition to raising awareness of important issues that relate to our students’ lives, an aim is to also facilitate a forum where students can truly converse and share ideas freely, interacting with each other more readily than when regular academic classes sometimes permit. Examples of our monthly themes have included:

  • What Is Covid19 and How Can I Stay Healthy?
  • Feelings & Emotions: It’s Important to Express How We Feel
  • Developing Good Study Habits
  • Global & Digital Citizenship
  • Developing Strong Character Traits:
    • Attentiveness –Being A Good Listener
    • Politeness
    • Empathy, Helpfulness & Generosity
    • Self Confidence
  • Coping Strategies When I’m Feeling:
    • Anxious or Worried
    • Very Sad or “Blue”
    • Angry or Upset with Someone Else, Or Ourselves

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