Dear Parents,

On behalf of the staff, I take the pleasure in welcoming you to the 2022-2023 school year. I am very excited to soon welcome the students back to the traditional school setting together with the Middle School administration, staff and teachers. Middle school is a time of transition for students. The students come to us as little girls and leave as young adults ready to begin their high school career. We will continue to focus on the expectation of each student reaching her potential, while instilling a love of learning and equipping each student with necessary skills for success.

The Middle School’s educational process emphasizes the assisting of students in becoming independent learners, in acquiring self-direction and motivation, and learning how to learn independently. It is our goal to work with parents and children to provide a quality learning environment. Our collective success lies in our ability to communicate effectively and work together. We want all of our students to meet their academic potential, establish quality relationships with other students and staff, discover their individual talents, and enjoy the overall school experience. In striving to reach our goal, there must be a cooperative effort on the part of the student, teachers, administrators, parents and community. We want our students to take pride in their school and community.

We are very proud of the students at The American Academy for Girls. Together with our staff and our supportive families, our students contribute to an inclusive environment which promotes learning. Our hope is that each class that travels through the doors of AAG will find success.

Fay Al Mutawah

Middle School Principal

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