Even though the pandemic has decreased, we realize that our students have had to make adjustment with how they had to learn. Also, we must keep in mind the psychological effects the pandemic has left on our students and staff. Every Thursday we have planned fun activities for our students. These activities are design to allow students to show emotions such as joy, fun, fellowship, and happiness. This is our way of addressing or checking in with their psychological-emotional mindsets. These activities are facilitated in a way that we will reinforce to our students’ academics are important, but their psychological and emotional well-being are more important.

Some of the weekly activities include Silly Sock Day, Silly Hat Day, Star Assembly Awards (done quarterly), Fancy Shades Day, Pajama Day, etc. just to name a few. Our students really enjoy showing their highly creative socks, hats, etc. It is a joy to see them enjoying the class and being very expressive about how they created their looks.

At the end of the class, we want the students to feel excited and show them coming to school to learn brings out all types of emotions. We want to take their minds off content subjects just for the day and allow them to enjoy creating life-long memories with their friends. We need them to learn and see having positive and healthy friendships are vital to us all.

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