In Middle School we have two different programs to deal with the students Psychological/Social Skills. We have monthly/bi-monthly activities for the students well being and the counselor has sessions with the entire grade levels to discuss their emotional well being with them as well.

  1. Designated a day monthly/bi-monthly for the student’s psychological well-being, with each being a different activity. Students wait for the Principal’s Announcements to know what is scheduled as an activity. With their Homeroom they go forward with the activity. The teacher also talks to the students to see how they are doing and refers any student who she feels needs extra counseling to the Counselor.

    These activities include team building activities where the entire class works together to solve different mystery questions. We are also incorporating their core classes into these activities with having Math Days, Science Days, English Days, Social Justice Day, Arabic, Religion and more. We also give the students the option to choose and vote on a school wide activity. Having the students’ input as well has helped make them feel a part of the school community.

  2. The counselor meets with a different grade level each week and goes over social emotional wellbeing skills through lessons. Lessons would include time management/organization, online safety skills, stress and anxiety management, responsibility and many more. These are important skills the students need especially during the current situation and their journey through adolescence. The counselor also takes that time with them to talk to the students and see who would need further counseling from her one on one through some sort of online communication ranging from phone to using many online methods including video calls, and/or Zoom.