In Middle School we have monthly/bi-monthly activities for the students’ social emotional well-being. These activities include team building exercise where student work together to solve mystery questions. The activities are also incorporated within their core classes with having Math Days, Science Days, English and Social Studies as well as Arabic, Religion and much more. This year we are happy to have back quarterly field trips which also add into the emotional well-being of the students. Having the student’ input as well into activities will help them emotionally has helped make them feel part of the community.

In addition to the activities the counselor meetings with the different grade levels each week and goes other social emotional well-being skills through lessons. Lessons would include time management/organization, online safety skills, stress and anxiety management, responsibility and many more. These are important skills the students need. The counselor also takes the time with the students to talk to them and see who would need further one on one counseling. Furthermore, the counselor has sessions with the entire grade level to discuss their emotional well-being with them.

Overall, we take social emotional well-being of the students very seriously.

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