AAG High School not only values academic progression, but an emphasis is placed on the psychological well-being of our students. In order to have an effective well-being program, we provide each student with one-on-one support when needed. The academic guidance and psychological counseling is often conducted in informational group sessions. This is done by developing a four-year plan for their freshman to individualized graduation assistance with universities’ application process their 12th grade year.

A continuous observation of our high school students is carried out to ensure social development is on track for our students so they will reach their full potential. Each individual student is provided with emotional support and feedback over the course of their four-year high school experience. By providing extra support for those who have difficulties with their coursework or finalizing a major. Our goal as counselors is to prepare our students with all the necessary guidance in order to successfully achieve academic goals and have a positive psychological state of being. Continuous support is provided to all teachers regarding students’ academic progress. In order to guarantee the students’ success, counselors work with teachers and parents to ensure the students meet the expectations necessary to have a successful journey throughout high school.

Students new to the high school are provided with support and guidance to ensure there is a smooth transition. A comprehensive orientation is provided in order to ensure an understanding of the American Academy for Girls’ High School systems and graduation requirements. Our high school is a small and closely knit community where psychological support is generously provided to students, parents, and faculty.