Greetings Parents,

We are thankful to start another school year in person at AAG. The staff and myself find joy in seeing the students learning and growing each day. It is our honor to provide your daughter(s) with an academic school-year that will be filled with hands-on activities, real-life applications, and inquiry based learning. Also, we want to make sure that your daughter(s) psychological well-being is being nurtured while at school. We will continue to have our themed Thursdays, where students will par-take in planned learning activities that stimulate their social skills and happiness.

In order for our students to be successful it will take a collaborative effort from the students, parents, staff, and management.  The staff and I are here to serve and assist you whenever needed.  We look forward to another great year at AAG through continued positive relationships with the students, parents, and staff to make AAG an even better school. Thank you for entrusting your daughter’s educational needs with the staff of AAG.

Dr. Katrina Franklin

Early Childhood Education Principal

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