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Principal’s Message

I am proud to join this AAG Team as the Elementary School Principal!  I have certainly enjoyed meeting your daughters, hearing their stories, seeing their smiles, and watching them participate in fantastic acts of learning. School is a place for developing our knowledge and skills in academics, but also to grow socially and emotionally as human beings who care about the world, and each other.

We are into a positive 2019-2020 school year for all our girls; you will notice some changes in class scheduling have already been put into place; for example: during the “Basic Math Skills” class,  students will focus on memorization and application of the necessary number-skill drills for their grade level — in subtraction & addition, multiplication and/or division.  Students have more scheduled time for building their reading fluency.  We are creating “The Reading Room” which is a fun and relaxing space for our girls to choose from a variety of reading materials that encourage their love for reading — and escaping into a captivating story!

With the goal of getting fourth graders ready for the transition to Middle School, our girls will be rotating classrooms according to where their core-subject area teacher is located. We have created a weekly “Study & Social Skills” class that will assist in their development of positive habits that facilitate organization, studying tips, and time management, building self esteem & positive peer relations etc.

Cross-curriculum “project” work is a way that each class will connect the content from various subjects into one fun and multi-faceted activity, on a Quarterly basis. Traditional homework is not a priority of AAG’s Elementary school, because kids need to have time for rest, hobbies, and family too — in order to have a balanced lifestyle and develop in ways that actually benefits them as learners too.  However, we do encourage students to get into a regular habit of “reviewing” their school notes and learning materials:  to look over, re-read, talk about & explain what they have learned in class; doing so — a few times a week — helps students retain what they have learned so they perform well in class consistently, not just on a test.

On Sunday mornings, everyone in our Elementary School gathers and we sing loudly and proudly together: We’re the Girls from AAG and we’re one big family… And we really are a family and we are truly committed to cheering each other on.  As educators, we are working towards fostering an environment that our girls are excited about, one that is enriching and engaging for them. Together — with their families at home –we can help our girls become their best and most successful selves.


Ms. Shannon V. Griffiths   M Ed.

Elementary School Principal,  American Academy for Girls